Impact Testing Machine
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Impact Testing Machine

Impact Testing Machine that works on pendulum principle and are highly suitable for conducting Charpy & Izod Impact tests on various material. Minimum energy absorption is assured due to rigid designs of machine frame & other parts during fracture that results in improved test accuracies.Highly stressed parts such as support blocks & strikers are manufactured using special alloy steels that are duly heat-treated.

Technical Details

  • Direct indication of impact energy absorbed by specimen on large diameter for Models: AIT-300-N, AIT-300-EN & on digital panel display for Model: AIT-300-D
  • Available with safety guard for the operator
  • Initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules & for Izod is 170 Joules with a L.C. of 2 Joules (for Analogue models) & resolution of 0.5 Joules (for Digital Model)
  • Pendulum drop angle for Charpy is 140° & for Izod is 90°
  • ASTM Impact Testing machine is also supplied, which conforms to E-23 ASTM standard
  • Available with Gauges, Tongs, Sub-zero bath, Templates, U & V Notch milling cutter (Optional)
  • Accuracy of these machines conforms to IS: 3766-2003, IS:1598-1977, IS:1757-1999, IS:1499- 2003, BS:131-Part-I, II, III, IV & BS EN-10045-1993 (for Charpy)