Compression Testing Machine
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Compression Testing Machine(Hand Oprated)

Compression Testing Machine hand operated fitted with dial gauge. The hydraulic jack is fixed to base. The upper platen has got a self aligning action and is attached to a screw which passes through the cross head and can be raised for lowered for initial clearance adjustment. The lower platen rests on the jack ram and is positioned with the help of a centering pin. Loading is accomplished by the upward movement of the lower platen.

Technical Details

Specification Model / Capacity  50, 100, 120, 200, 300 (KN)
Ram Travel (MM) 50
Pressure Gauge Diameter (MM) 200
Pressure Gauge (In Kn) 500, 1000, 1200, 2000, 3000 (KN)
Least count (In kn) 2KN, 5KN, 10KN, 15KN
Maximum Pressure (Kgs. /cm) 480
Platen Diameter (MM)
Horizontal Clearance (MM)
Height of Load Frame (MM) 1300
Cube (MM) 100, 150, 200
Supply Voltage